Bring the Beauty of Art Into Your Everyday


Jill Zeidler Ceramic Art is a ceramic design studio located in

Big Sky, Montana.


I create contemporary ceramic pieces with clean lines and a soft color palette. I often use imagery to decorate my pieces which is inspired mostly by nature and my surroundings in Montana. I also use colorful patterns to decorate my pieces.

My work is created through the process of hand building with slabs of stoneware clays.  This technique lends itself to a subtle looseness and organic quality.

Evidence of my hand building process is shown through leaving an exposed seam in each of my pieces. 


“I love the inherent sculptural quality that is found in my work and is truly unique to my style of pottery making. “

            -Jill Zeidler

Celebrate Handmade


I think the renaissance of handmade is a beautiful thing.

There is a charm to knowing the artist and also something special that resonates from that connection.   

Certain coffee mugs make us happy in the morning and heirloom serving pieces are talked about at dinner parties.  Having handmade ceramic pieces in our homes creates a special relationship between home and heart.

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Every year this one woman owned small business gives back to the community of Big Sky through donations to various local organizations.
Thank you for your support as it contributes to the livelihood of our local and thriving community.